5 Steps To Improve Google Ad Campaigns

Learn how to improve Google Ad Campaigns yourself. Not a DIY-er? We understand that's why they are always included in our first service tier.

1. Add Negative Keywords

Ensuring that keyword is relevant to the ad copy and the ad copy is relevant to the keyword and landing page is the number one way to increase quality scores and decrease overall cost. Reviewing search queries for irrelevant content that can be added as negative keywords is key to a high-quality score.

2. Add New Converting Keywords

Regularly reviewing search queries for conversions allows for new keywords to be added to the account in the real ways that customers are searching for your product/service.

3. Remove Non-Converting/Duplicate Keywords

Are your campaigns limited by budget? If so, removing duplicate keywords or those not converting will free up your precious ad spend to be better used on those keywords bringing in conversions. 

4. Increase Your Converting Keyword Bids

Give your keywords the best chance to convert by reviewing/increasing their bids regularly. Increasing the impression share for converting keywords increases the chance of a conversion from a previous low ad rank. 

5. Research Previous Month To Month Data

Review the effects of the market and account optimizations by comparing key performance indicators on a monthly basis. Did you make a change to your bidding strategy in the last month? Compare how your campaigns performed before and after that optimization to see if a further change is needed. 


Bonus Tip: Check Your Ad Extensions

Make the most of your ads by utilizing all the real estate possible. You are paying for your ad to show, why not take up the most space possible for your business. Check to see if you are using call extensions, site link extensions, callout extensions, structured snippet extensions, and lead form extensions among many others. Extensions allow the searcher to learn the most they can about your business and why they need your solution/service/product.