Three Best Business Practices During A Pandemic

Here at Á La Carte Advertising, we wanted to share some best practices regarding your online marketing efforts. These practices do not only pertain to paid search but contain overall helpful tips and ideas during this pandemic. Yes, things are challenging to say the least but this too shall pass. In the meantime, we need to adjust our efforts for the present as well as plan for the future. 
Here are three things we can do right now: 
  1. Help your customers know what your current state of business you are in. Have your business hours changed? Are you still allowing physical visits to your store if you have one? One of the easiest things you can do to answer these questions is to update your Google My Business listing. You can update your hours, answer some simple questions that will help the customer the current state of your business. Another idea is to have a COVID-19 FAQ easily accessible from your homepage where you can easily answer these and additional questions. 
  2. What can we be doing to plan for the future? Once things return to near normalcy (there will be a new normal to adjust to) people will be shopping again, purchasing services, taking vacations and life will return to normal. So right now we can be building audiences around those activities in order to target them in the future. We can be working on services, product lines, websites, marketing plans and more during this time. What is something you have been putting off due to not having the time to work on? 
  3. Volunteer. Do you have expertise in a particular subject that you can share with your community or clients that would help them during this trying time? You never know, those that you help may help you when you need it.
This will pass, let's work together to help one and other to get to the other side.